Blackberries-Pantry |

Blackberries are my favorite berry.  In the summer months I look for ways to incorporate them into any dish!  They are the perfect berry for creamy raw cheesecakes, added in baked oatmeal or smashed to release its delicious juices in overnight muesli!  When blackberries are ripe, they have the most wonderful sweet taste.  

Feeling: muscle cramps?

Blackberries are a great source of Vitamin K, like bananas, which aids in muscle relaxation.  When consumed regularly, the juice of blackberries can ease menstrual cramps.

· Blackberries have a beautiful deep blue color, which symbolize high levels of antioxidants. 

· They are actually known to have the most antioxidants found in any berry!  These antioxidants help lower the risk of several cancers. 

· Their high tannin content helps to reduce intestinal inflammation, which is generally expressed as side or abdominal discomfort.

· They are also high in fiber, keeping your digestive track normalized which can aid in weight loss (a.k.a. regular pooping).


Season to buy: Summer - this is when blackberries in the US will be the most affordable and at their peak taste.

Shelf life: 1 week in the refrigerator