Bananas are my favorite fruit to naturally sweeten any dish, especially morning oatmeals!  Bananas are best when ripe as this is when they release the most sweetness.  You can tell they are ripe when their skin turns brown or looks slightly bruised.  They are also a great fruit to buy in bulk.  I’ll peal, cut and freeze half the bananas and save them for later to make a creamy smoothie bowl.  They also act as a great egg replacement, as they bind ingredients together when baking delicious cakes, cookies or brownies!

Feeling: muscle cramps?

Bananas are rich in potassium, which helps to alleviate muscle cramps after exercising or during menstral cycles.  Potassium can also lower blood pressure.

·  Bananas boost the body with natural energy that does not spike blood sugar levels.  Having a banana or granola made with blended bananas on hand will keep you well energized throughout the day!

·  Bananas are high in pectin fiber, which aids in digestion and stimulates bowl movements (a.k.a. pooping).

·  They are also full of vitamin A, which helps protect healthy eye function.


Season to buy: Summer – this is when bananas in the US will be the most affordable and at their peak taste. 

Shelf life: 1 week on the countertop