About the Blog:

Hey there, welcome to 8th and lake! I've been writing this blog for nearly 2 years now and it has become a wildly unexpected and wonderful experience! But before I get into all that, this is a spot where you'll find hardly strictly vegan recipes made from my very messy kitchen in the heart of San Francisco, California.  This space is made up of delicious eats in the form of from-scratch recipes, a few advice articles to get you goin’ and a bit of food travel guides. But nothing too serious because diets and labels suck. So everything here is about playing in the kitchen and seeing what works for you. Tweaking any recipe to fit your liking because that's what they're here for and nobody knows your body better than your own body.

But for those curious ones, many of the recipes are loosely focused on brining plants/veggies to the center of the plate, fresh fish (I’m a butcher's daughter), and a whole lotta dark chocolate. And nope, no meat here, but mainly because I've never really liked it, even as a kid. But if you do, hey, go for it! Add it to anything you'd like! And honesty, why not? Food should make you enthusiastic not frustrated. So whatever you do, find some balance and just have fun with it.

I cook with seasonal, wholefood ingredients as they offer up the most flavors each and every time (and are usually cheaper). And if you're apprehensive towards eating more veggies just remember that you can make big differences with small changes - like adding fruit to your breakfast or an avocado to your lunch. Start small and add on from there. 

Here are a few loved recipes to see what you’re getting yourself into :)

* Sweets: Three Layer Caramel and Chocolate Chunks

Oatmeal: Colorful Coconut Porridge

* Avocado Boats: Spicy Avocado Boats with Baked Eggs and Cilantro


About Me:

Hi, I’m Marie! My wandering into healthy eating is a little untraditional but nonetheless I've stuck with it ever since and adore every part of it...

I started to become curious about healthy food when my boyfriend at the time suffered from 8 years of unexplained stomach pains. He left San Francisco to work abroad and I wanted another platform to connect with him while we lived in different countries. That’s when I started 8th and lake – mainly as a way to share with him delicious plant-based recipes that would help his body. At that time I became infatuated by real foods and found that plants taste good, like really good when cooked in spices and herbs. And not just that but cashews mixed with dates tastes like caramel – seriously caramel?! If someone had told me this I probably would have started cooking a lot sooner! (side-note: I hated cooking until I started this blog)

So since the start of my blog two years ago, 8th and lake, has evolved into more than just a blog - it's a space to share our stories - experiences in life and in the kitchen. It has also brought about a love for connecting with our community and for food photography that I carry on into my daily life.

I now work as a freelance food photographer, recipe creator and blogger, working with like-minded companies within the food and wellness space. This has all been such a wonderful and unexpected experience. 

So thank you for coming and hanging out with me on the blog, checking out my daily food photos on instagram and getting goofy on snapchat. You guys have made this the coolest experience I've been lucky enough to have.

Lots of love from the West Coast,

 xx Marie

Creds: B.S., Agricultural Business & Minor, Art History 12' - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo